Wesley Chapman is an award winning speaker, author and business leader. He has worked tirelessly for more than a decade to shift humanity into a positive direction. Companies like Apple, Costco and many others have looked to Wesley for innovation and the implementation of cutting-edge concepts. As cofounder of The Human Gathering, Wesley has brought together some of the most powerful, influential people in the world.

Hundreds of business icons, celebrities, philanthropists and artists regularly attend The Human Gathering’s private retreats. Wesley’s greatest passion is his foundation A Human Project, which he runs from his beautiful home in Northern Idaho. His foundation’s work is focused on helping children and young adults who are struggling. A Human Project does not accept public donations and is run solely through Wesley’s own resources and the occasional involvement of his ultra high net worth friends and colleagues.



“Wesley, you are doing such a beautiful important work. You are inspiring, brave and full of love. Your Ted talk is authentic, eloquent and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing your recognition of BIOWORTH and for educating us on how to give it back to our children.”


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“Thank YOU, Wes, for this incredible TED talk. I so believe in everything you are doing with A Human Project, and everything you are. This was AMAZING, and so glad that so many will get to see your work because of this. I appreciate YOU!”


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I remember being 13, sitting outside my psychologist’s office and overhearing a conversation that she was having with my guardian Karen.

My guardian Karen, came into my life due to the fact that at 1 years old I was abandoned by my biological father and at 6 and a half I was abandoned by my biological mother.

My entire childhood was filled with all kinds of abuse, from emotional, physical and even sexual.

As I sat outside the office, my psychologist said:

“Everything is against Wes. From his genetics to his upbringing. He will never have a normal life. Karen, It is time to give up, he will be nothing but misery and heartache for you.”

Those words, pierced me, those words tore me up inside.

I had suffered so much abuse in my life, but nothing compared to how I felt being labeled…. being labeled worthless.

Over the years I had doctor after doctor. Each one promised me I’d feel better if I just took this pill or that pill.

But by the time I was 16 years old I had found myself in the hospital and was facing the fact that all those prescription drugs had traumatized my liver and I was facing the reality of destroying my body and even dying.

Right then I knew I had to find a way out of the darkness my life had become.

So for the next 8 years I began studying and researching all I could about the human body and mind.

I also cut out all foreign substances from my diet including medications, alcohol, supplements, sugars, caffeine… everything I felt was altering my organic state of being.

I began researching the power of water. I began cleansing my body. I found balance with exercise and nutrition.

Then I started to work on my mind and mindset. I began to realize the immense power of thought.

Through all of this I was able to find what the world calls, success.

Yet… I was still dealing with the conscious struggle to feel like I was enough. I was still constantly battling to see my worth in the world.

I had been labeled worthless and that label was still handcuffing me.

Then. On December 9th, 2005 I held my little girl, Chloe, in my arms for the first time. I looked at her perfect little face, held her innocent tiny hands in mine and everything changed.

I knew that unlike me……who was told from the moment I was born I wasn’t wanted and wasn’t enough….

….I knew this little girl was wanted and she was ENOUGH.

The only way she wouldn’t have a healthy self-worth was if I allowed myself or the culture around her to strip it away.

I knew in that moment my worth was tied to allowing my daughter to make the impact she was born to make.

With this new found clarity I went back to the research and I began looking at the impact of self-worth on the body and mind. I asked myself the question, could we as human beings change our self-worth on a deep subconscious level?

I found the answer grounded in biology.

In 2009, Ph.D,. Bruce Lipton, a world-renowned cell biologist, found that in the
end-o-the-lee-al cells change their behavior based on the environment around them. He found that our cells are controlled by energetic messages em-man-ate-ing from our positive and negative thoughts.

He proved that the universal laws of positive and negative energies apply to the creation of cells in our bodies.

His and others’ research, combined with my own, enabled me to understand that not only can we create habits that will rewire the synapses in the brain, We as human beings hold the power to completely re-engineer our own cellular DNA.

This unlocked endless possibilities in my life and I was able to completely alter my own self-worth, thus empowering me to impact the world around me.

Over the years I have been watching the world.

I’ve been watching the world become more and more unstable.

I know that human decline of self-worth and the chaos around the globe are 100%!c(MISSING)onnected.

Understanding the power of self-worth is not just another “big idea” it is the key to unlocking ALL THE BIG IDEAS.

So then…how do we understand the power of self-worth?

I have identified what I refer to as, BioWorth and BioWorth exist in all of us.

BioWorth is the understanding that self-worth is created, altered and programmed into our cellular DNA just as eye color, hair color and skin pigment.

The forces that impact BioWorth are: information, creation and grounded validation.

But what happens if we disrupt the forces of information, creation, and grounded validation?

Biological chaos.

The biological chaos produces a new cellular blueprint which creates a downward spiral of generational human self-worth.

The two disruptions that will cause chaos are:

Overload and the sources of Validation.

In today’s’ world, we are seeing that every human connected to technology is experiencing an “overload”.

Our general population is experiencing such an overload that it is creating a biological nightmare for mankind.

We are being trained to be filtered and unreal and it is demanded that we pretend to be more than we are.

Youth come into this world and are immediately handed technology filled with information that requires a biological maturity of a 35-year-old. They simply do not have the foundational building blocks to handle this information overload.

We state that “it is okay, because it is all they have ever known”.

Well we have talked about the Millennial generation and said they are “comfortable” with technology…it didn’t “rot” their brains and all of this talk of tech is no different than talking about the explosion of Rock n’ Roll in the 1960’s.

Yet the Millennials are seeing the highest levels of suicide and divorce from any other generation before them.

40%!o(MISSING)f the unemployed in the United States are Millennials.

And older adults aren’t immune to the overload either. Adults 50 and over who once were able to assimilate information at a manageable rate are now seeing the effects of overload.

The overload’s disruption of information is affecting every aspect of humanity. The way we date, the way we love, the way we parent and the way we create.

It is also forming new addictions. Addictions that are pulling us away from true human connectivity.

Asking some of you to put down your phone for a moment is like asking you to cut off an arm.

We have even nicknamed these phones in the past — — “CrackBerry”.

We consciously know that this is like a drug and we know that drugs destroy the mind and body and can cause permanent damage to our cellular make up.

Yet we aren’t looking at how the drug of an “overload” can permanently alter our cellular DNA, thus programming us to have limited self-worth.

Nah…. we simply keep advancing technology nonchalantly and creating new and better and then we call them, “CrackBerry Killers”.

Our cell phones have become more important to us than the health of our cells in our bodies.

This overload is affecting all of us on a cellular level and it is just one of the two disruptions to BioWorth.

Let’s talk about validation.

Human beings for thousands of years have had an internal instinct in creating healthy self-worth.

The internal instinct is simple; we do or create, then step back see what we have done and self-validate our achievements. We have been doing this for generations.

However, many of our advancements are altering our sources of validation.

These altered sources of validation are reprogramming our cells and creating similar biological chaos we tend to see in people dealing with abandonment and neglect.

Let’s take exercise as an example.

A person with proper cellular programming, will exercise and feel fulfilled. They are able to see the exercise as self-gratifying and productive. They feel this from their own validation and do not require anyone else to provide feedback.

What we are now seeing is a shift. In the same example, of exercise, we are finding a person will exercise and then be programmatically required to post a selfie on Instagram or Facebook, to find validation and ensure the exercise was worth it.

Let’s take this a step deeper;

For years those in the Mental Health space have said “service” is a way to stimulate a healthy sense of self-worth.

However when we understand the altered source of validation we see people asking themselves:

“If I do a good deed and I don’t post it on Facebook and have people like it, is it still a good deed, have I really done anything, does it matter?”

Service was once a trusted source for rebuilding one’s self-worth and it is now becoming biologically irrelevant.

Online validation seems instant and gratifying because we can simply place one piece of content online and receive in seconds, validation and feedback.

The issue is that the validation we are receiving is grounded in inauthentic human relationships.

We now have false online relationships that create more power over us than ourselves or our “in person” connections.

These inauthentic relationships are fictional and dangerous. We give too much power to individuals that have no history of our true journey in life and thus can not validate our value.

We have created a society dependent on outside perception of self-worth and thus have a population making decisions based solely on what will achieve the highest like count on Instagram.

We are losing our intrinsic worth, the instinctual way in which humanity has for thousands of years managed BioWorth and we will not just “evolve” to accommodate. We are breaking universal laws of biology and biology will always win.

The forces of BioWorth are being disrupted on our planet and it is making things that were once unacceptable, acceptable. This is not due to one’s evil intent, this is due to the biological programming on the cellular level.

At the beginning of the Pokemon Go craze, I took to the streets to do a little research. I wanted to see how the virtual reality game was affecting the general populous.

I visited several different locations from downtown areas, skyscrapers, sporting events, airports, restaurants and so on. I took notes and observed.

At one large outdoor mall, I saw a woman, probably in her early 30’s with her toddler.

The little girl began to ask questions about an amazing little train that was circling around her.

The little girl tried everything to get her young mother’s attention.

She danced around, she pulled on her mother’s shirt, she yelled, MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY and then she took things to a whole new level… she started to throw a “fit”.

Without taking a moment to validate her child’s curiosity of life, the mom replied:

“Not now honey I am trying to hatch this egg.”

I wanted to slap the phone out of the mother’s hand and say,

“Are you kidding me…?????”

“Your ‘hatched’ egg is right there!”

Regrettably, I did not do that

…but I did watch as the child learned the virtual world in her mom’s hand-held more worth than the real world around her.

In 2014 the American Psychological Association found that neglect can cause more mental health problems than physical and or even sexual abuse.

Was the above example not a form of neglect?

Look I’m a parent, I understand that a small dose of this type of behavior will certainly not cause mental health issues but imagine what happens if this occurs every day. Or even every hour?

Many of us, not just children, are experiencing some form of the above story in our daily lives.

The forces against our BioWorth are even affecting the workforce.

For the first time in modern history we have a workforce that has lost the internal sense of a “job well done” and this a global issue.

This is not just affecting the workforce of the Millennials and Z generations, this is affecting nearly 69%!o(MISSING)f the active labor force.

Forbes in 2013 stated that 69%!a(MISSING)re not engaged or satisfied with their jobs and 24%!s(MISSING)aid they “hate” their jobs.

Why are so many dissatisfied with what they are working for and creating?

Because on a CELLULAR level their method of receiving worth, have been altered.

They are simply behaving based on cellular programming and are looking for the same instant gratification a post online receives.

This is not what businesses across the globe are equipped to handle.

This is creating extreme turn-over in all ages of the labor force, internal sabotage and an all-time low in company loyalty.

Companies that want to win have to recognize the altering cellular makeup of their labor force and begin to change the forces that impact BioWorth inside their companies.

As a world, we must pay attention to the “overload” and become fully conscious of the altered sources of validation.

We all have a role to play in correcting this.

We must start with ourselves, spread this to our families and then to our communities.

I have been working with thousands of youth, adults and companies over the past 11 years and I have personally seen the power in managing the forces that govern our BioWorth.

We can all do simple things today to initiate this change for tomorrow.

Stop using filters on your photos, stop pretending to be what you aren’t with your social media accounts.

Embrace vulnerability with yourself, your family and your community.

Put down the phone when you are in front of another human being.

Turn off the phone when you have promised your attention to loved ones and friends.

Slow your life down and realize your impact on this planet starts with managing the forces that are governing your BioWorth.

Be patient in pursuing achievements.
Show love to those around you.

Realize that all the noise in the world around us is the battle cry of humanity trying to understand their worth.

Again the principle of BioWorth is not just another “big idea”, it is the IDEA that will literally unlock all THE BIG IDEAS.

It is up to us to take personal ownership of our own BioWorth and then become more conscious of how we can build others around us.

My son, Peyton, is 7 years old and he is by far the most fearless human I have ever met.

The other day he was doing a stunt on our workout ropes.

He, of course, asked me to record him so he could show his sister just how awesome he was.

I pulled out my phone and he said,

“Dad lets put this on Facebook so I can go viral.”

When he got done with his stunt, and he nailed it I might add, he asked,

“Dad, did you post it?”

“No buddy, but we’ll show your mom and sister and they will love it!”

his reply was surreal,

“…but dad if you don’t post it, no one will see it and won’t matter that I did it!”

then I replied,

“NO son it does matter!”

That was one moment of managing the forces governing BioWorth,

Now it’s your turn.

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